10 Tips For Buying a Laptop in 2018

Buying a new Laptop in 2018 isn’t easy , there are so many things to consider. it can be very confusing

You can also just jump on Amazon and type in Laptops and filter by price, processor, size.

But if you are spending Hundreds (thousands INR) or even Thousand (Lakh INR) of US Dollars, You wanna make sure that you are getting right one for you and it’s gonna value for money.

So I’m gonna walk you through 10 things that you know need to know in order to choose perfect Laptop for you.

So first thing :-

1.  What you prefer Windows Os, Mac Os or Chrome Os

There is no right or wrong answer and it’s hugely best to stick what you know

Windows is by the far is the most common platform, Here you get greatest range of Laptops to choose.

Mac Os is obviously new to Apple Mac book and Apple Mac book pro are beautiful machine and easy to use, well they are also much expensive there’s  ain’t       much variety and they has limited range of ports.

Chromebooks running Chrome Os are very popular for students. If you are in budget and just doing really basic things like streaming videos, Google docs or         sending emails a Chromebook could be ideal.

Personally  i prefer to go with window’s Laptops because there are so much  choice  and that means that i can pay what i want and get the specs and  features i     need.

If you are into Gaming, Windows machine are pretty much your only option right now.

2. Design 

Do you like traditional Laptop or do you prefer a little more fancy like a convertible 2 in 1 with a 360 degree hinge, You can use them as a tablet or in a                tent mode for watching movies with all in 1 Laptop


A hybrid  2 in 1 with a fully detachable keyboard.

So you got slightly more budget options like this

Acer swift 3 :-  click here for best price

Surface book pro :-  Click here for best price

Or higher in budget

Surface book pro 2 13 inch :-  Click here for best price

3. Size

Now let’s talk about size, Because most Laptops have 13, 14, or 15 inch screen sizes, You do get a few 11 inches budget Laptops or 17- 18 inches gaming      beast.

So if you gonna leave your Laptop at home or in the office you may go with bigger and hopefully a bit more powerful.

But if you want something that is good on road and your Laptop fits in your backpack, consider a 13 inch or 14 inch ultra book.

But if you can afford it. A high end Mac book pro 15, Dell xps 15 or Microsoft surface pro 15 it will offer compact in size and give you really high end performance

4. Screen Quality

The whole time you use your Laptop you looking at your screen so you wanna make sure it looks good, Firstly make sure it have an Ips screen , you can check       the tech specs or reviews to see if Ips is mention. Because  they much color accuracy and viewing angles.

If you thought this article is couldn’t get any more exciting you are wrong. Because now i’m gonna talk about specs.

5. Specification

There are three main things to consider

• Processor

• Ram


May be GRAPHIC CARD if you are into gaming or video editing.

The most important thing is the Processor you will see most the mid- range  or high end Laptops  come with Intel core i3, i5 or i7 processor, Generally higher the number the better the processor .

Unless you are doing lots of photo or video editing or more heavy multi tasking, the core i5 processor just fine but also look what generation it is, Every year these chips get refreshed and improved with the latest 8 Gen processors now offering 4 cores rather than 2. Which is better for multi – tasking.


7 generation chips are just fine. But if possible try and get the latest one.

Some Laptops will come with Pentium or Celeron  processor, But if you are on a tight budget then only try them.

Now talk about Ram which is much easier, you usually get 4,8 or 16 GB of Ram in a laptop again unless you are not going for a basic machine, I avoid 4 GB Ram.

The value for money is 8 GB for video editing, rendering or any sort of power users go for a 16 GB Ram if possible.

And finally in terms of specs let’s talk about storage and i can’t emphasize enough how important is SSD or solid state drive in your laptop is. It makes huge difference, how fast everything feels from boot up time, opening programs generally using the desktop I do really highly recommend making sure you own a laptop that comes with an SSD. Some laptops have both like 32 or 128 GB SSD and a second higher capacity hard drive.

That’s fine too and its arguably  the best to have both, well you have SSD for boast for windows but you also get enough storage for your files.

But let’s keep simple, if you are on a budget 30000-50000 look for a laptop that has Intel i3- i5 processor 8 GB of ram and at least 128 GB of storage SSD. Over 50000 start looking for a laptop that have Intel i5 or i7 processor up to 16 GB ram and over 256 GB SSD storage.

       But if you are tight on budget under 30000 may be you consider something that has a core i3 or if you really pushed may a Intel Celeron or                     Pentium processor.

6. Gaming

Now lets move into gaming because that well play some games may be on lower – medium settings if you drop the resolution, if you wanna play games seriously and of the higher setting of the graphic setting have higher frame rates then you gonna looking for a gaming laptop.

7. Connectivity

USB, HDMI card readers all ports are really important and to be honest. All I would recommend making sure that the laptop you get comes with at least 1 USB 3.1 type C port. It is still new but you do pretty much everything.

8. Keyboard and Touch pad

But even if specs and the price and the size everything is right, if the keyboard and the touch pad are rubbish then its not gonna feel nice to use. In my experience Mack books and Lenovo think pad has best keyboard and touch pad whereas comes with great gestures and big responsive.

9. Battery

But what about battery life, how long should your laptop last. Well anything scores above 6 hours is decent. But since most brands tested in low brightness if your retail says it last you 6 hours you can expect 4 hours in real life.

10. My pick for several users

If you are a normal user but want great performance with great Battery life then probably go with

Mac book Air 13 inch –  Click here for best price

Those who want great battery life with portability then

Lg Gram 14 –  Click here for best price

Under 30000 INR (500 Us Dollar)

Lenovo Idea pad 320E – Click here for best price

If price not an issue then go for these

Apple Mac book pro – Click here for best price

Dell Xps 13 – Click here for best price

  Hp envy – Click here for best price

For Gaming Users

 Hp omen 17 – Click here for best price

Acer predator – Click here for best price

If you have any question do comment below or you have any other laptop buying advise of your own that we have missed let me know and we can suggest others.

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