Google Pixel3 Mini|Specification|price|Launch Date

Hey Buddy! Are you confuse which Smartphone to buy in 2018 then wait for sometime If your Like Google Devices then there is a good news for you.


 Google Is going to launch their 3 new smartphones In 2018 

So it’s been almost 2 years since Google revealed their first Pixel and Pixel xl flagship smartphones.

Definitely both the smartphones are amazing in terms of looks ,build quality and camera performance. 

Last year Google continued with awesome Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 xl. Again giving the competition with their camera department.

So yeah ! It’s 2018 and Google is expected to launch their new smartphones.

And we came to know that Google is working on 3 smartphones from which the two will be flagship smartphones while the one of them is going to be mid- range smartphone.

The 3 smartphone are :

1. Google Pixel 3

2. Google Pixel 3 xl

3. Say : Google Pixel 3 mini 

But Today we will talk about GOOGLE PIXEL 3 MINI

First let me tell you that Google Pixel 3 mini is expected to be launched firstly in Indian market and not in United  States  and any other countries and yes it’s a good news for the Indian customers and slightly a bad news for other country’s customers.

But there’s nothing to feel bad about this because there are chances of it to be launched in other country’s too.

The expected Price for the Google Pixel 3 mini will be around US dollar $308.00 – $385.00 ( 20,000 – 25,000 in Indian rupee ).

The Specification for the base model will be 4 GB ram and 64 GB storage.

The expected screen size could be 5.7inch  and it’s resolution would be 1080 x 2130 pixels, 18:9 ratio and the SOC they are using is snapdragon 660

Yes, the Google pixels series are too pricey for an average person to buy so that’s why Google is focusing on mid – range phone for India as Google Pixel 3 mini

The availability of Google pixel 3 mini  well they planning to launch way before the normal launch of Pixels smartphones generally Google releases Pixels smartphone in a specific year in the month of October but the Google pixel 3 mini will be Launched in the month of July or August.



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